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  1. Ok, so here we can post clubpenguin stuff, cheats, accounts, and banned penguins . I am good at moderating this stuff and making it better. So even any questions, comments, or just random stuff can be posted on this blog.


  2. ok dude post club penguin questions, comments, or anything random! I can answer your questions. Are you banned? Start out with a email to cp supportsaying the original: i was banned! oh man! **** you stupid *******! keep up the emails one day theyll get pissed and email saying hooray i unbanned you. So another …. whayever, if u ave comments post them here at pengisizm.wordpress.com . Please invite ur friends! P.S : you mat want to let out the cursing;)


  3. ok get friends plz

    PS invite people from chewittdude.wordpress.com! ill get famous!

  4. heloo peoples of the usa and welcome! Ok lets do this . here we post stuff about clubpenguin and feel free to do just about anything you want in your bloggy-thingy .ko and enjoy


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